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Reducers are pure functions, which means they are predictable. A pure function returns the same output for the same input. You can use reducers to generate a new application state. Redux is used for maintaining and updating the state of multiple components to share in your application while the components remain independent of each other.

why redux

Therefore, make sure to check if you need Redux before introducing its complexity. Although it’s a reasonably efficient pattern that promotes pure functions, it might be an overhead for simple applications that involve only a couple of UI changes. On top of that, don’t forget that Redux is an in-memory state store. In other words, if your application crashes, you lose your entire application state. This means that you have to use a caching solution to create a backup of your application state, which again creates extra overhead.

Why Redux?

User Interface (UI) design is a vital part of software development. It is often bundled together with User Experience (UX), but UI is more specifically about how a user views and interacts with a webs… Whether you need Redux or not, if you want to add experienced and trustworthy developers to your IT team, get in touch with us at Jobsity. We specifically created Redux Toolkit to eliminate the “boilerplate” from hand-written Redux logic, prevent common mistakes, and provide APIs that simplify standard Redux tasks.

why redux

We’ll be implementing a similar example to the login component above but this time in Redux. Most libraries, such as React, Angular, etc. are built with a way for components to internally manage their state without any need for an external library or tool. It does well for applications with few components, but as the application grows bigger, managing states shared across components becomes a chore. Redux also helps us save time when developing because we can “hot-reload” and retain our app’s state. Hot reloading is ability to automatically reload parts of your code whenever you save a file, without having to refresh the entire page.

Reasons for using React Redux

Moreover, it will be possible to avoid using Redux if your data is derived from one data source in every view. Put simply, in case data is not needed by you from multiple sources, it will not be required to introduce Redux. This is because it will not result in data inconsistency issues while accessing one data source in every view. This implies why redux that it will be imperative to re-render your component less frequently since, on most occasions, those particular pieces of information have not been altered. For more complex apps, using the combineReducers() utility provided by Redux is possible (indeed, recommended). It combines all of the reducers in the app into a single index reducer.

why redux

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React’s design principles are adopted by its intended usage, which is creating declarative components. I am absolutely confused by Redux/React-Redux and I’m hoping someone could help let me know what makes it necessary to learn it over what’s already easy in react’s state management. For beginners, it’s an obvious choice to opt for Redux.

Any website contains a lot of components, for instance, the product view, the menu section, the filter panel. Whenever we have such a complex app, whether it be a mobile or a web app, it becomes difficult to communicate between components and to know each other’s updated state. Redux is an implementation of FLUX, which is a pattern for managing application state in React.

For instance, the add function below uses a global state to calculate its output. In addition, the function also logs the value to the console, which is considered to be a side effect. When you’re learning React, you will almost always hear people say how great Redux is and that you should give it a try.

  • The state of the whole application is stored in the form of a JS object tree in a single store as shown below.
  • In the case of mapStateToProps, we are going to map parts of the global state object to our component props object.
  • Next, we have created a reducer called cartReducer which takes the state (with the default initial state) and the action as parameters.
  • Furthermore, this implies that you need to use a caching solution to create a backup for the application state, which will create additional overhead once again.
  • This makes it easier for Redux concepts to be applied because they share they same understanding and behavior of a state object.
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