Top 5 Highest-Paying AWS Certifications

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octubre 31, 2017
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A Global Knowledge 2020 report found the average cloud computing professional earns $160,000. When I got hired on the helpdesk, nobody in any of my interviews had even heard of WGU and my age obviously wasn’t a problem as they ended up hiring me. The CTO basically said that it came down to all the certifications I had and my eagerness to learn.

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For some other perspective around cloud salaries, Indeed found that the average salary for cloud engineers is $120,370 with a $10,000 cash bonus per year — based on a survey of more than 4,000 salaries. And according to Glassdoor, where workers can self-report salary, the national average salary for a Cloud Engineer is $131,409 in U.S. (based on 738 responses). When you join AWS, you’ll find a world of possibilities, wherever you’re located.

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Most leaders feel their team’s skills are at an intermediate stage — not experts but not novices either. For this reason, it makes AWS credentials all the more valuable to those hiring managers desperate for skilled workers who can aid their team’s initiatives. AWS Support Engineers help our customers around the world get the most from our growing array of services and features. Cloud engineer salary ranges vary between AWS, Microsoft, and Google.

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There’s so much more to a career than the work — especially at AWS. Every person brings unique skills and perspectives to our team, so we’re building a workplace where more people can thrive. Candidates chasing this certification must have advanced knowledge of the Well-Architected Framework and know how to craft complex solutions by bringing together many of the services AWS offers. The exam tests candidates’ abilities to design new solutions and improve them over time, while migrating and modernizing workloads. Also ranked on this year’s overall top-paying certifications list, the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional commands high salaries given the output of these professionals.

Cloud continues to be one of the most in-demand job skills

They then promoted me to developer and offered to train me to learn coding on the job. At this point as cool as that was of my employer, I was only making $50k. I tackled some bigger projects and had some pretty decent accomplishments right before I hit the year mark as a Developer. I had previously been told that new hire developers(fresh out of college) here usually started at $65k and so I figure I could get to that level with little pushback.

aws cloud support engineer salary

Globally, 1,127 survey respondents reported having earned an AWS certification, with the most popular being its foundational credential, AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner. Across all regions, the average certification holder reports making six figures — further evidence of the priority placed on cloud projects and skills. Tell us a bit about what you want to do and we’ll keep you posted on relevant roles and what we’re building at AWS. Some of the top salaries and highest-paying positions in the report include a Cloud Native Architect at IBM ($279,600) and an AI Platform Senior Cloud Engineer at JPMorgan Chase ($210,000).

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